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Use Our FREE Template to Discover Your Automation Opportunities

Use Our FREE Template to Discover Your Automation Opportunities

Automatically calculate the FTE savings and business impact from RPA

Ntansa Automation Bots Deliver The 8 Key Benefits That Make a Difference for Businesses


Increased Speed of Operations

Enable companies to drive business productivity and efficiency by handling large volume, repeatable tasks.

Reduced Operational Cost

Efficiently performed complex workflows with reduced human engagement help to achieve new levels of savings

Regulator Compliance

Built to operate your business at 100% compliance, accuracy, and consistency leveraging all business rules and protocols and creating complete audit trails.

Customer Experience

Through always-on availability and 100X speed of execution (as compared to non-digital workflows), your customers received results when they want

Employee Satisfaction

By taking the mundane and repetitive work on, employees are relieved of the drudgery and given time to refocus on customers and key business drivers.

Actionable Insights

Move past just data to actionable insights that help business grown and increase their competitive advantages.

Quickly Scale Up or Down

Increase or reduce resources or the size of business processes according to business demand. No longer dependant on hiring challenges.

Enhanced Enterprise Security

Leveraging cognitive AI algorithms and an enhanced security infrastructure; executing processes are more secure and assured.

Automating African Banks

Intelligent automation increases the value customers see in their banks, allows for faster speed to market and avenues for growing revenue and profitability. At Ntansa, we are committed to outcomes and ensuring your business defines the industry and sets the standard for excellence.

Real Results

Increasing Revenue and Service Quality for a Leading West African Bank


reduction in total processing time for loan processing


in immediate annualized savings


hours per month return to the business

How Intelligent Automation is Transforming Banks into Autocatalytic Organizations

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has fast emerged as a powerful tool to drive productivity for Business Process Services (BPS) delivery. Learn how Its broad-based adoption has created compelling avenues for banks to enable autocatalytic characteristics to pursue the next wave of productivity and quality gains.

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The 4th Industrial Revolution Report

Innovation Practices Areas

Increase Speed & Accuracy

Technology as a complementary business service whereby process turnaround times are up to 10X faster and executed by a digital workforce that works 24/7.

New Service Delivery

;Often predominated by the introduction of new technologies that spawn new value chains. (e.g. e-banking)

New Customer Experience

Expand or strengthen the customer value proposition through evidence-based evolution of customer interaction points. The service concept may remain mostly unchanged, but the way the customer interacts with the service provider changes. (e.g., self-service)

New Service Concept

Net new service offering that is created in collaboration with customer feedback.

Artificial Intelligence Systems

Applying artificial intelligence to process and predict outcomes, support and make decisions, analyze information, and enhance human capabilities.

Knowledge & Capabilities

Consider knowledge as the most strategically significant resource of a firm. With capacity building and knowledge management, achieve unparalleled performance.

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