The pulse 01/2020 African insurance on the digitalization of the insurance industries in Africa we discuss with you today.

Africa Insurance Pulse is created for the African Insurance Association now in its fifth year (AIO). This version was funded solely by Africa Re, the largest reinsurer in Africa.

In partnership with Africa Re, Quantum Insurance, and Faber Consultancy, the African Insurance Pulse had been unveiled in early October at an AIO Webinar. The research is now open to all readers following the first one month of which the Pulse has been available only to AIO Participants.

The Africa Insurance Pulse explores how emerging technologies improve the attractiveness and affordability of Africa's risk transfer policies.

Digitization can help optimize the supply chain of the insurance industry and increase administration performance. In the end, African insurers expect the new technologies will raise insurance visibility and demand.

These are some of the key findings of the publication. If you want to read the full publication.