Digital transformation in Africa is accelerating with the help of Ntansa and UiPath

Accra, Ghana, 1, June 2020 – Today marks a transformative day, as African RPA pioneering firm Ntansa, based in Ghana, West Africa, announces they have joined forces with UiPath. Ntansa has partnered with UiPath, the leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company,  to help organizations scale RPA capabilities in their business units by providing a fast, reliable, and efficient delivery model.

The experienced Ntansa Project Team intends to continue to assist clients, strategic partners, and technology partners with projects developed using UiPath’s hyperautomation platform.  This partnership, which began nearly two years ago, will continue to cover African organizations supporting customers in all industries and countries from their Accra operational center.

To gain a competitive advantage in today’s fiercely competitive landscape, organizations are increasingly seeking solutions to help them accelerate operational processes, enhance agility, and deliver greater value to clients. By partnering with UiPath, Ntansa will enable clients to complete routine tasks with optimal agility within Finance, HR, Customer Service, and other business units, using their AI-powered RPA solutions. By delegating these processes to a new digital software robot workforce, the staff at these organizations will be able to focus on more strategic, innovative, and customer-oriented initiatives.

UiPath is leading the “Automation First” era – championing one robot for every person, delivering free and open training and collaboration, and enabling robots to learn new skills through AI and machine learning. Led by a commitment to bring digital era skills to more than a million people, the company’s enterprise RPA platform has already automated millions of repetitive, mind-numbing tasks for business and government organizations all over the world, improving productivity, customer experience and employee job satisfaction.

Ntansa will design, develop, and implement advanced RPA solutions for banking, retail, and insurance organizations in Africa through this strategic partnership.

Taking advantage of robotic process automation and artificial intelligence, Ntansa will provide automated solutions that enable organizations to optimize productivity – up to 80 percent of  (organizations using RPA have seen substantial increases in productivity in business processes (The Impact of RPA on Employee Experience; Forrester survey, Aug 2018).

These approaches will also help to minimize operating costs and free up resources, allowing workers to concentrate on more customer-focused and business-critical tasks.

This collaborative partnership will also help African organizations enhance their customer experience by making services more accessible through digital touchpoints and online portals. The digitization of the core infrastructure also means improved customer experience and better value.

Emmanuel Tackie, Ntansa’s Managing Director, said: “Working with such a strong partner and global RPA leader as UiPath is fantastic. UiPath allows us to develop and offer cutting-edge technologies to our customers. We are proud to bring innovative technology to the African market with the ability to influence organizations across the continent.

Together with UiPath, we are accelerating digital transformation in Africa to produce successful outcomes, transform how people work, and improve access to services for their customers. Through automation and RPA technologies, we can boost productivity, experience, and satisfaction at every customer touchpoint.”

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About Ntansa

At Ntansa, it is our mission to redefine the way companies work! We believe in the power of automation, artificial intelligence, and lean innovation as the foundation of the future of work. We dive deep to understand business challenges while giving measurable outcomes to move businesses forward.  Formed as a consultancy started by four industry experts, Ntansa is pioneering RPA and lean innovation in Africa. For over 20 years, each member of the Ntansa leadership team has worked in various corporate environments, industries, and continents now consolidated under Ntansa to accelerate innovation in Africa.

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