Enhanced Customer Onboarding

Implementation Time

6 weeks

The Challenge

The client is a prominent insurance company. They were seeking to improve their onboarding process for their customers. The customer’s sales teams are spread throughout the country and are responsible for acquiring new clients. The application process policy was through a paper form containing supporting documents. These were then screened and submitted for completion of the onboarding process to a central operations team. The method was manual, and the onboarding formalities had a high turnaround time (TAT) of around ten days. Depending on new campaigns and offers, the influx of forms varied and was unpredictable at times, which resulted in staffing challenges to meet the demand.

The Solution

We developed a solution using a combination of artificial intelligence and automation to automate close to 90% of the customer onboarding process. We started with digitizing the insurance application at the source by capturing scanned forms using computer vision. The data was then captured and exported to automatically complete for underwriting within the companies Policy Administration System. Ntansa’s team reduced the total turnaround time to less than 60 minutes for onboarding customers, including the time required to scan the documents. Increased validation was added at the local scanning sites to validate supporting documents.  The document validation process helped to ensure less interchange between the operations team and sales team.

Of the effort was automated
Reduction in AHT
Process Cost Reduction

Specific Operational Challenges Addressed

Manual Workload

The process was highly manual and required many interventions during onboarding which required the business to depended on hiring more resources

Seasonal Workload Fluctuations

This resulted in peaks and troughs for staffing requirements and caused low/over utilization of resources.

Poor Customer Experience

The delay in processing forms, the large requirement for duplication of the same information on multiple forms caused dissatisfaction with new customers.

High Turnaround Time (TAT)

The challenge in onboarding customers quickly cost the insurance provider more in per customer acquisition cost and posed challenges growing their customer base.

Inefficient KYC (Know Your Customer)

Document verification process was managed by the back-office team.  The process causes increased back and forth between the sales and back-office team.

Processes Automated

New customer onboarding process including document validation

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