Values and Purpose

Measurable outcomes from business innovation

Our Purpose

We are True Believers In the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Unity of Lean Innovation, Automaton (RPA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the Foundation of the Future of Work

This is Ntansa, and through this, we go deep to uncover and capitalize on opportunities that drive measurable outcomes.  Our motto “Ignite Work” is about working towards a world where people are freed from repetitive tasks, enterprises are driving in part by actionable predictions, and automation and innovation allow teams to have more time to devote to work that brings value.

Our Values


We know that it’s the relationships that bring outcomes to reality. We value our interactions and speak to be understood and strive for simplicity. We celebrate diversity and we celebrate learning; both are opportunities for growth. We strive to be honest, humble, collaborative and focused. Our goal is to be continuously inspired, excited, and committed in everything we do.


We strive for greatness, achievement, success, and the rewards that outcome-driven efforts bring. We share our knowledge and experience and know that our best results are achieved when we anticipate challenges and manage effective communication. As individuals, we demonstrate high accountability and proactively seek new knowledge and are committed to delivering in all circumstances.

Lean Innovation

We both encourage and inspire creativity at every level. We believe it’s valuable to understand the history and to question solutions but we focus on innovation as the foundation of our success. We are committed to lean innovation and love to be first to demonstrate value. We know our innovations fuel new growth channels and solutions for our clients so that in turn fuels us to continuously seek more innovation.

Collaborate Passionately

We believe that collaborating as a team will allow for faster, better, measurable results. We believe there is power in a singular vision, but it is with shared knowledge, efforts, and work, we have been able to partner with our clients in ways many have not experienced before.


We live our values and maintain the highest ethical standards in our delivery. With the utmost respect we demonstrate consistency in the perseverance of confidentially of information and lay integrity as the foundation on which our value system is built.


We believe in the unending desire to learn and improve. We are committed to the WHY for every engagement we work on because we believe we perform better because, and provide better results for our clients when we are more informed. Our curiosity allows us to constantly improve our work and innovate within the always evolving world of business technology.

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