Robotic Process Automation

RPA Solutions

Play a Pivotal Role

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables companies to develop virtual workforces that drive business productivity and efficiency by handling large volume, repeatable tasks.  RPA, through non-intrusive methods, is driving dramatic increases to top-line sales and bottom-line revenue without compromising on efficiency and accuracy.


Organizations are Evolving the Way they Operate Today.

The shift towards digital innovation is inevitable due to the proliferation of disruptive technologies that are stimulating enterprises to reimagine their business models.  Enterprises that have embraced RPA or Intelligent Automation are the ones truly driving digital transformation. The fact is Automation is real and a vital part of improving business value chains.


Ntansa Applies Evidence-Based Approaches

Ntansa applies evidence-based approaches and industry-leading technologies like RPA, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to design innovate based operating model for clients that propel them forward. Our model, Digital Managed Service (DMS), or Outcomes-Based Pricing (OBP) allows us to take an entire operation of business process, understand, streamline and the progressively automate. In this approach, we assume the entire risk of implementing RPA and provide strategic cost and risk benefits from the first day of implementation. With Ntansa’s DMS or OBP, enterprises can augment human capabilities, dramatically increase the customer experience and accelerate business growth.

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