Case Studies

Examples of our Team's Work to Digitally Transform Businesses

Our business expertise comes from engaging with companies of all shapes and sizes whereby we share one thing in common - a commitment to innovating and enabling teams to have more time delivering value and spending less time doing routine work. With our Automation experience, we have transformed a wide spectrum of business processes and our client's savings (and earnings) are the best gage of our success.

Rejected Direct Debits Management

Implementation Time 6 weeks The Challenge Rejected Direct Debits were manually checked by several employees during the first 4 hours of every business day. Based on a paper-printed transaction report,…

Leading Investment Bank Trade Settlement

Implementation Time 4 Months The Challenge The customer needed to automate this process because it involved significant manual processing, high-propensity to errors & high cost of operation. The specific challenge…

Enhanced Customer Onboarding

Implementation Time 6 weeks The Challenge The client is a prominent insurance company. They were seeking to improve their onboarding process for their customers. The customer’s sales teams are spread…

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