Leading Investment Bank Trade Settlement

Implementation Time

4 Months

The Challenge

The customer needed to automate this process because it involved significant manual processing, high-propensity to errors & high cost of operation. The specific challenge lay in identifying unmatched and pending trades with the Counter-Party and Custody for various geographical regions. The process required heavy investigation and coordination with multiple units over e-mail.

The Solution

Once the information was received by e-mail, it was instantly downloaded. The UiPath Robot automatically performed validation. It searched for trade details, identified unmatched and pending trades, and updated the transaction numbers and counterparty details in a spreadsheet. It then sent out an e-mail to the Custody and Counter-Party with the update.

Reduction in Average Handling Time
Errors reduced to 0%
Hours released to the business (year)

Processes Automated

Validation, searching and matching of pending trades. Email to custody and counter-party

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