Automate Forward Approach

Ntansa works with Insurers to accelerate their automation journey by taking the Automate Forward approach. We not only show Insurers how they can leverage digital ecosystems to re-imagine customer experiences, but by delivering increased flexibility and agility, faster and more efficient back-office processing, we take insurers to the next level.

Insurers are faces strong headwinds that include declining margins and ever-increasing competition. The need to build a sustainable, automated, and connected digital ecosystem that exceeds customer expectations at all touchpoints, has become more important than ever. Stay ahead of the digital curve with Ntansa.


RPA and AI Help you Win Without Compromise

RPA and AI help insurers win with without compromising on efficiency and accuracy but allowing for non-intrusive methods to:


  • Enhance Customer Experience: Create ability to refocus on customer service and reduced SLAs for end customers
  • Enhanced Work Experience: Reduced Less Labor intensive dependence on employees
  • Scalability for Growth: Cost Avoidance for projected growth and avoid talent acquisition costs


  • Revenue Uplift: Enable revenue uplift with faster product development or address missed revenue opportunities.
  • Cost Optimization: Increase capacity by automating non-value added activities
  • Improve Process Quality and Reduced Rework: Eliminate errors and achieve SLA compliance


  • Data Quality and Consistency: Higher data quality by eliminating human errors and the ability to capture process data consistently
  • Granular Process Monitoring: Easy auditing and reporting for compliance
  • Smart Reporting: Management information is captured across all processes

Ntansa Insurers Automation Practice

Ntansa Insurers Automation practice has been consistently evolving to implement the best in class accelerators and solutions geared towards advancing an insurer’s digital capability both holistically and in line with the business and customer expectations.

By keeping customers at the heart of every interaction, we help insurers create accessible, accurate, fair, fast, empathetic, intuitive, and reliable services that exceed expectations for all customers in each encounter. With a focus on Automate Forward, we implement a holistic strategy to digital transformation by leveraging leading tools and technologies across the board, focused primarily on enhancing customer and employee experience, unlocking application value, leveraging next-gen analytics, and automation processes that close gaps in the value chain.


Applications of Intelligent Automation in Insurance

Automating Claims

  • Claims Intake
  • Coverage Verification
  • Automated claims processing
  • Acknowledgement, Settlement letter generation
  • Information consolidation to provide single view

Automating Underwriting

  • Member enrollment
  • Policy entry & Issuance
  • Automated Underwriting
  • Risk acceptance, Binder letter generation
  • Information consolidating to provide single view

Automating Billing

  • Vendor Invoice verification
  • Payment Setup
  • Installment verification & receipting
  • Payment reconciliation

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