Automation Capability Building

Ntansa Automation Capability Building

Ntansa Automation Capability Building allows us to both provide hands-on and tailored automation training to your internal staff and/or provide distributed automation engineering teams comprised of the most sought after and talented software developers in Africa.

If your organization’s goal is to bring automation development ownership in-house, we are here to go beyond the traditional classroom or virtual learning solutions by building your own dedicated distributed automation team to work alongside your team to deliver projects and hands-on training to increase their speed to ownership.


Find Top Automation Talent

We know finding top automation talent is not always easy; In the US alone, there are five open developer roles for every software developer open to a new role. This creates a scenario whereby companies are challenged to meet their strategic objectives due to technical talent shortage. The notion of building a high performing automation team can be daunting.  This is precisely where our Automation Capability Building comes in.  West Africa is home to 0.4 billion people with an abundance of talent comprised of the world's fastest-growing economy (Ghana).

However, we are selective and hire the top 1% of all applicants, and only after an intense and data-driven onboarding program are developers assigned to Automation Capability Building teams. It is with this methodology we build high-performing Automation teams with West Africa’s top developers to help companies build better solutions, faster. Ntansa bridges that gap and solves the tech talent shortage to fortify and fuel your automation journey like no other.

Creating Automation Leaders

Whether you are just starting your automation journey or are well seasoned, the ability to build your automation capabilities to support your organization's objectives is a game-changer. At Ntansa, we have a two-fold solution that allows organizations to rapidly upskill their own staff and/or create a dedicated remote automation team comprised of the best available African talent.  Contact us to learn more.

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