Digital Consulting

Unlock Potential Value to Digitally Transform Your Business.

In an era of fast-paced change and constant digital disruption, Ntansa’s consulting practice works with companies across Africa and the globe to define the right-fit digital disruption to increase profitability, accelerate revenue growth, and future-proof business models. Our experts combine Ntansa’s broader teams to rethink models and practices to ensure relevance in the evolving digital world.


Starting Your Digital Transformation

We assess the level of digital readiness of your company, prepare a unique roadmap of digital transformation and walk you to the finish line. To this end, we help companies harness digital technologies to capitalize on their growth opportunities and delight to their customers with personalized convenience and customization options.


As lean process execution experts, we target the 7 types of procedure waste to address with digital solutions:

  • Overprocessing
  • Transport
  • Waiting
  • Overproducing
  • Inventory
  • Unnecessary Motion
  • Defects

And your definition of value in terms of:

  • Customer value – What would customers be willing to pay for?
  • Process – By what processes are these values created?
  • Activities – How does each activity in the process help to meet the wants & needs customers?
  • Value flow – How can we make the value creation processes flow more efficiently?
  • Just in Time – How can we be sure that we are producing only what is needed when it is needed?
  • The quest for perfection – How can we become perfect at creating value?

Outcomes Digital Consulting

The Ntansa Digital Consulting practice brings over 150 years of project and technology experience to understand your challenges and the opportunities that can be uncovered. We relentlessly focus on solutions that deliver the outcomes you desire. Speak with us today to hear about the work we have done and how we can help you modernize your business

Evolving Your Digital Transformation

Companies who successfully execute digital transformation place in the top quartile of their industries, while all others risk disruption. We believe your company’s digital strategy needs to sit at the foundation of its overall corporate strategy. However, we understand for many, the promise of digital has yet to be achieved. Ntansa’s consulting practices works with clients to blueprint, implement, manage and execute successful digital transformation programs that deliver outcomes based business results and better customer experiences. With our unique methodology, we use analytics and intelligent insights to create tailored, actionable, and outcome-based roadmaps for transformative business performance


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