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Applied Innovation Partner Program

Everything we do is true to our name, Ntansa, to propel our clients forward through Lean Innovation, Automaton (RPA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We join forces with industry innovators and leaders to bring the most impactful solutions and knowledge to solve our client’s most critical challenges. Given the speed of business and technology advancements, adoption needs to be part of your strategic plan. We believe that relevant expertise, industry knowledge, and leading technologies, when leveraged and integrated create immense value for businesses. That what Ntansa’s Applied Innovation Partner Program does best.

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We join forces with industry innovators and leaders.


Our Partners

Applied Automation Partner Program

Digital Technology Partners

Domain expertise paired with cutting-edge technology. With our Technology Partners, we deliver the right fit solutions to help our clients solve their most important challenges, stay ahead of the competition and achieve measurable outcomes. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to automation and cloud services; in the end, technology fused with our expertise to change the way business outcomes are achieved.

Industry Product Partners

At Ntansa, we partner with best-in-class industry or domain platform providers. Combined we create integrated, end to end transformational solutions that are used by our clients to differentiate themselves in their markets.

Associations and Alliances

Through our thought leadership and community engagement we continuously bring broad thinking and innovations to research, youth mentorship and methodology development. By these efforts we help our clients, not just keep pace with digital transformation, but stay ahead of the digital wave—and the competition.

Emerging Technology Partners

We are committed to continuous innovation and love to be first to demonstrate value. Ntansa’s incubation program and fund, called Accel Africa, invests in African emerging digital companies who are transforming business models and industries.

Designed with Customers at the Center

Our clients hire us for delivering results. Our values and experience in intelligent automation and innovation allow us to deliver real transformative outcomes for our clients.

With our partners, we are committed to collaboration on delivering innovative solutions and services that outperform expectations, set the pace in the industry and transform our client's businesses

We are excited about this partnership, in part because it will support our goal to deliver smart automation to customers. We are looking forward to collaborating with Ntansa to find innovative ways to deliver a digital workforce in our offerings. Our mission closely aligns with that of Ntansa in that we committed to bringing to our customers the most innovative solutions to drive your business forward.


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