Bot as a Service

Our Bot as a Service Model Is 2-5 Times More Cost-Effective Than Traditional RPA Deployment Approaches.

At Ntansa, we operate under the belief that robotic process automation (RPA) should be accessible to all companies. Our tailored, fully-managed Bot-As-A-Service model provides an accelerated path to automation of painful business processes while minimizing risk and controlling costs.

Bot-As-A-Service (BaaS) allows customers to leverage the power of robots are offered as a service rather than as a product.

With Bot-As-A-Service, the development, implementation, deployment and monitoring of your robotic workforce is managed by our team from start to finish. No complicated licensing purchases or requirements, lengthy training classes, or hidden fees. We deliver rapid scalability and targetted outcomes at a predictable, transparent price.

Our Bot as a Service model is 2-5 times more cost-effective than traditional RPA deployment approaches.


Minimize CapEx and Maximize OpEx

Minimize CapEx and maximize OpEx with consumption-based, pay-as-you-go pricing, to help shift costs to operational expenses. This model aligns expenditures to usage, and provides the agility you need to quickly scale your automation capabilities in line with your needs

Bot-As-A-Service positions businesses to rapidly respond to demands with a level of flexibility and predictability that is difficult to achieve with only a human workforce. Our tailored RPA as a Service model offers companies a simple and affordable way to automate manual, repetitive business processes to achieve operational efficiency and reposition your workforce to tasks that deliver more business value.


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