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Our Catalytic Automation services takes a different approach for a complete, connected and modern RPA solution. Catalytic is our low-code platform built with business users in mind, so almost anyone in your organization can create RPA workflows and maintain them.  Catalytic employs the citizen developer (a business user transformed to create new automation services).

Employees with domain expertise in Excel or basic programming knowledge can build automation solutions that take the robot out of the human. No requirement for internal IT teams to have your business adopt automation and all the benefits it brings.


We Combine the Best of Your Human Capacity with our AI-Powered Automation

We combine the best of your human capacity with our AI-powered automation solutions to deploy entire process automation end-to-end for business efficiency like never before. With Catalytic, your employees maximize their time and do strategic work that will drive competitive advantage and scalability.

Our Vision for Citizen Lead Automation:


Catalytic is a web-based application, providing a lower total cost of ownership and simplified, centralized management with access from anywhere.

User Friendly

Our low-code platform is built with business users in mind, so almost anyone in your organization can be looped in to workflows or trained to build them.  


We built our platform to be an open system, enabling you to pick up where digital workers leave off and use third-party capabilities to augment our technology without limitations.


Catalytic makes it easy to gather data and manage tasks between all of the people—internally and externally—that you do business with. Employees are also built into our automated processes where they add the most value – to make complex decisions and handle exceptions.

Example Catalytic Use Case

Automation for Insurers: Powerup Your Policies

The Ntansa Catalytic Automation can carry out automated insurance processes to equip brokers with the ability to provide accurate, custom results at speed, and integrates into a more personalized service that only your team can give.

Calculate and Send Quotes Faster Than Ever Before Possible

Catalytic Automation can gather multiple quotes, generate a customized proposal document with preliminary coverage and pricing details, then mail it to a customer. Catalytic Automation can also help assess risk and recommend coverage leveraging AI and past clients with similar profiles. The result is reduced turnaround time for insurance quotes, and more time to respond to your customers quickly and accurately.

Effortlessly Onboard New Customers

Catalytic Automation manages the intake of key new business and individual customer data for underwriting by organizing the collection of key data points. Post policy approval and activation, Catalytic Automation can automatically generate and send tailored welcome packages and send certificates of insurance. With Catalytic Automation, the communication of customer and insurance carrier communications is in one place. With a shorter process fueled by Catalytic Automation, the ability to onboard significantly more customers is available almost immediately.  

Advance Policy Administration

Use Catalytic for all tasks that take place after onboarding, including:

  • The administration of renewals and cancellations automatically. Keep up to date contact lists.
  • Map payment reconciliation.
  • Set regular alerts for policies projected to lapse or expire, then send notifications to customers to complete tasks like premium reminders.
  • Automatically categorize and process claims.
  • Orchestrate a quick fraud check and follow-up notices.
  • Track billing and payments easier.

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