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The Ntansa Proof of Value (POV) is a project in which a developer will automate a process within your organization to showcase the capabilities and realities of intelligent automation.

In addition, the POV will demonstrate the automation development process for a pre-identified business and may include:

  • Integration with underlying subsystems
  • Coverage over key technology and operations
  • Integration with existing security architecture

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Key Metrics for Proof of Value

Time Saved

We will look carefully at a straight line comparison between AHT (average handling time) before and after automation and extrapolate over 1 month based on volumes provided by client.  The intention is to quantify the speed of the automated process in terms beyond how quickly the bot can operate but in terms of how much time is returned back to the business.

FTEs Returned

With automation, many businesses are put in a position to repurpose staff to higher value and strategic initiatives.  This often includes customer-facing, projects, and regulatory roles that drive new revenue.  During the proof of value we will make a conversion of time saved to FTE hours from automation to quantify the FTEs returned to the business.

Financial Savings

Naturally, the ROI from automation is vitally important. During the proof of value we will demonstrate the direct labor cost from FTE hours returned from automation. Automation also brings with it many other savings, including the elimination of rework/errors, training time, downtime, etc. that are more difficult to qualify financially but certainly will be discussed.

Volume and Throughput

The added capacity from automation to perform more work with accuracy, speed, and availability most often creates increased work volumes.  During the proof of value, the Ntansa team will monitor bot utilization and extrapolate any available capacity to determine the potential increase in process throughput for your business.  This is an important metric that supports ROI and future business planning.

Speak with us if you have Questions

Our clients hire us for delivering results. It is within that scope that we remain focused on the return on investment and use the proof of value to begin the transformation journey.  It is not unusual to have many questions at this early stage and we are more than happy to provide you answers to help you make an informed decision.

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