Artificial Intelligence

Banking RPA and AI The Next Step In Bank Efficiency To Deliver A Better Customer Experience

Banking RPA and AI: The next step in the bank efficiency game to deliver a better customer experience Banking's future is to adopt Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence…
Artificial Intelligence

Automation In Banking Is Finally Delivering On Digital Transformation.

The world is at its peak in the digital revolution and proliferation of the latest technologies. Looking at the massive adoption, implementation, and usage of these fast-rising technologies, it is…
Artificial Intelligence

The Influence Of Fintech And The Need For Intelligent Automation (RPA) in African Banks

The advancement of technology has a big difference in our everyday lives, including banking. This is due to the influence of Financial Technology, or Fintech, and the provision of technological…
Artificial Intelligence

How to Build Flexible and Scalable Automation Programs

Let’s face it; It is not possible to anticipate all your future requirements and challenges from the very start.Rather, the secret to creating agile automation at scale is based on…
Artificial Intelligence

Using AI To Automatically Scan Invoices And Receipts

We focus on pragmatic artificial intelligence (AI) at Ntansa, or use AI to solve specific customer issues. I am excited to talk to you today about how Ntansa uses AI…
Artificial Intelligence

Robotics In Banking: Applying RPA In The Banking Sector To Increase Efficiency And Reduce Costs in Africa

The banking industry is changing dramatically along with global digitization. With many customers using the internet in their daily lives, many banks cannot but start operating virtual banking platforms alongside…

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