Digital Transformation Demographics in Africa

Briter Bridges carried out an analysis in Africa's Green and Physical transition to examine gender and demographics. The work also aimed to reveal the co-founding Members and C-level executives of…
Artificial Intelligence

Banking Digital Transformation With RPA Is Here And Brings Huge Value

Forrester Research expected that 2019 was the year in which banking digital transformation with automation technologies take centre stage.  They were spot on and the value to business has been…

Digital Banking Reengineering with RPA and AI

Traditional industries typically can no longer afford to conduct business as usual. For example, with the rise of FinTech's and unicorn startups, the banking industry has witnessed a rapid increase…
Artificial Intelligence

The Influence Of Fintech And The Need For Intelligent Automation (RPA) in African Banks

The advancement of technology has a big difference in our everyday lives, including banking. This is due to the influence of Financial Technology, or Fintech, and the provision of technological…

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