Digital Transformation Demographics in Africa

Briter Bridges carried out an analysis in Africa's Green and Physical transition to examine gender and demographics. The work also aimed to reveal the co-founding Members and C-level executives of…

What does the ISO 56002 Standard say about innovation

Recently "Emirates Steel", the UAE steel mill, was the first steel plant in the world to obtain ISO 56002 Innovation Management System certification. So what is ISO 56002 and what…

COVID is forcing business innovation but what is the best path to innovation?

Right now, companies need to work simultaneously across three horizons to achieve sustainable development and to protect against disruption. Horizon 1 is the standard revenue for your current business. Horizon…

5 Key Ways to Scale RPA and Digitally Transform Your Organization

What is the relationship between the automation of robotic processes and the more general idea of digital transformation? A significant majority of 93 percent of business executives agree that automation…

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